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Batak - Android


The Batak game, the most popular card game in Turkey, is now with you Batak an internet FREE in your android devices. Batak card game is a variant of popular trick-taking card game Spades. 

Batak is Played by 4 players. A standard 52 card deck is used. The cards in each suit rank (from high to low) A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2.  13 cards are dealt with each player.

A player leads the first card. Each player must follow the suit led if he can. If not, he should play the trump, or any suit if he has no trump. The player who has played the card with the highest value ( the trump card or the card of the suit led if no trump was played) wins the trick. That player then leads to the next trick. Continue until all tricks have been played and won.

Game Modes:- The game has two variants: Simple Batak and Auction Batak

In the simple Batak game the object is for each player to bid the number of tricks he thinks he can take in the hand, then to take at least that number of tricks.

In the auction Batak game a player offering higher bid wins the auction. He has to take a bidding number of tricks or more. Other players have to win at least one trick.

Batak is also known by many other names, including Oh Hell!, Elevator (l'Ascenseur in France), Up and Down the River (in Australia and New Zealand) and 10 open neer in the Netherlands. Turkey's most popular card game auctions Batak, Kozani spades, Recessed Batak and Batak Paired with you as free options. 

Download and play the game without internet and free quagmire where you want a mobile swamp. play the battlefield without bothering with tortuous battle, untouched (trump match) battle, triple battle bogged battle game options.

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