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Rummy - Android


Rummy Offline Games – one of the most popular mobile card games finally comes to Android!

Rummy Offline offers the best rummy gaming experience on your Android device. While you enjoy the awesome game-play, Rummy offline ensures the best outputs and reliability. Thanks to the ever-expanding user-base. Rummy offline is the best place to start your rummy adventures, be it bet, classic or deals rummy. 

Rummy Offline - Do you like classic card games, Gin Rummy, Belote, Canasta, 101 or Taki? Then, you'll definitely enjoy Rummy! It's very easy to sort and spread the cards while having fun with friends and family. Play the famous Rummy card game on your Android Smartphone or Tablet! You get real-life rummy game experience on an Android device. 

Rummy for Android features an excellent design and an intuitive interface. The most common rules are set by default but can be customized with numerous options.

There are a number of rules that can be modified, making this game very faithful to the original.


- Single Deck or Multi-Deck
- From 2 to 5 players. 
- A number of cards dealt with each player (from 6 to 14). 
- A number of jokers in Multi-Deck (from 0 to 4). 
- Number of turns before being able to lay down a combination. 
- Number of points required for the first meld. 
- The sequence required or not for the first meld. For example, you can create a sequence like 5 ♥ 6 ♥ 7 ♥.
- You can create a set by combining 3+ cards of the same face value. An example is 3 ♥ 3 ♠ 3 ♣.
- Card taken from discard pile has to be played or can be kept. 
- And several other variations...

Download our free Rummy offline app and finally play without the need for a partner: Rummy for Android lets you play whenever and wherever you want. 

In short, Rummy Offline is indeed the best rummy game app for Android devices. It comes with one simple-yet-effective User Interface and the best gameplay experience. Go ahead, download and start your world of rummy games.

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Bored sitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch Rummy and rack your brains and win!

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