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Scopa - Android


Scopa is the classic Italian card game. Enjoy playing against challenge your friends. You can play against one, two, three or four opponents.

Discover what is your game strategy by consulting the statistics and do your best to get all the achievements.

You can customize the game mode by modifying the following options:

- The score after the game: 11, 15 or 21 points;
- You can choose from 3 different decks of cards (Neapolitan, Italian, Normal)
- Variants of the game: Napula, Rebello, Ace takes all (or broom aces), Declaration and Sbarazzino.
- The speed of the animations and sound effects.
- Suits :- swords (spade), clubs (bastoni), cups (coppe) and coins (denari). 
- The cards in each suit are Re, Cavallo, Fante, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A.

Scope Mode:-

The game of Scopone is based on Scopa. In this game, which must be played in 2 teams of 2, players are dealt all ten of their cards at the start of each round. Play proceeds around the table until all players have played all of their cards.

The game comes with a STATISTICAL CLASSIFICATION and a where you can compare with their friends and with all the other players who love this game.

Try the amazing experience to challenge other players or measure your skills against three different game levels.

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