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Solitaire Tournament

Solitaire Tournament

Price : free
Category : Card Games
Language : English

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Solitaire Tournament

Play the Classic Solitaire Tournament game in Multiplayer mode with your friends!

Try Most Popular & Traditional Klondike Solitaire Tournament in Multiplayer Mode and compete with your friends and real players from all around the World!


1. Realtime Multiplayer
2. Tournament
3. Head To Head
4. Daily Rewards
5. Invite Bonus
6. Weekly Winner
7. Team
8. Quest
9. World Tour
10. Lucky draw
11. Daily bonus
12. Public Chat / Private Chat
13. Buddy 

Game Features:

1. Easy and refreshing interface.
2. Locate your friends and join their game with a simple click of a button.
3. No robots like other Solitaire Game. Play with only real players anywhere in the world.
4. Works smoothly on a slow Internet connection even.
5. Play your way to top the Leaderboards!
6. Quest - Claim your achievement from Quests and get FREE MAGICS & COINS!.
7. Team - You can make teams with other players and take part in team ratings.


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