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Truco Multiplayer

Truco Multiplayer

Price : free
Category : Card
Language : English

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Truco Multiplayer - facebookTruco Multiplayer - Android

Truco Multiplayer

Truco is probably the most popular card game in Brazil. It is a loud and lively game, which might look to an outsider like four drunken people arguing passionately and about to break into a fight.

The players are dealt three cards each and the objective is to win the majority of the three tricks. However, it is possible to interrupt the play and attempt to raise the stake, and this is where there can be a lot of bluffing, yelling and good-natured intimidation!

Play Truco with a group of 2 or 4 or 6 players against our bots or play online with other people. If you like to play Buraco or other card games, you are going to love playing Truco Paulista.

With a completely new interface and many new features for you:

- Practice by yourself against bots or play online with others
- Login with Facebook
- Profile picture
- Chat with other players online and make new friends
- Play with 2 or 4 or 6 players
- Invite your friends
- Ranking among your friends and ranking among all users
- Train your memory and concentration with a fun hobby!!

Download Truco Paulista, one of Artoon’s amazing game!

Note: Truco Paulista is a game for young people and adults. This app does not use real money for placing bets or to generate a financial gain. Practice and wins in our game do not mean future success in other games involving real bets.